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  • Week 4

    This week, we focused more on the model design. We talked about some potential problems.

    First, we agree that the teacher’s advice on our circular water dispenser. It can be difficult to deployed on a big plant with a lot of leaves because the diameter of the dispenser is short. One easy way to solve this is to make it...

  • Week 3

    Tapio starts working on the PCB design for the sensor. We need to have a PCB with two conductive lines close together so we can measure the voltage between them that changes when the soil changes in humidity. We think about putting the micro-controller directly on top of the sensor to avoid problems with parasite capacitance due to long connection...

  • Week 2

    This week we worked together in Fablab and printed a small gear for testing. Since Tapio and Jussi have more experience on dealing with PCB and 3D printing, we quickly went though the procedure of 3D modelling and printing.

  • Week 1

    First week, we have a team!…