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  • Week 9

    This week we put all together and show the pot working as shown in the following videos.

  • Week 8

    Last week! Here is the video that shows our sensor finally working to detect the difference of humidity of soil.

  • Week 7

    This week Jussi finishes the new design of the flower pot. We have now on the bottom a water reservoir with an aperture to fill the water in a easy way without opening the assembly. Inside the arm we hide the peristaltic pump and there is also room for an Arduino Uno, even though we plan to not use it...

  • Week 6

    After testing the sensor with oscilloscope we need to design the circuit to control it with the Arduino. since the capacitance is very small, we need a very fast processing. We checked the speed of the ADC of Arduino nano and it’s too slow for what we need. Tapio comes up with the idea of using the internal analog comparator...

  • Week 5

    This week we finally create the sensor. Tiberio and Tapio draw it: it consist of two conductive lines very close together which will work as a capacitor. After printing to a transparent substrate we expose the PCB with UV light and we proceed to etching process. Here are some pictures of the process: